Autorepo can create step-by-step plans to complete issues.

1. Create an Issue

Create a new issue in a repo that you have connected with Autorepo. Give the issue a title and body explaining the change you want to make.

Providing more details will help Autorepo create a better plan, but a detailed body is not required. If Autorepo needs clarification, it will make a comment asking for more information.

2. Add the auto label

When Autorepo detects an issue with the auto label, it will react with the eyes emoji 👀, and comment with a placeholder comment 🧠 to let you know it is typing a response.

Autorepo will only run tasks if a collaborator adds the auto label.

3. Autorepo Creates a Plan

Autorepo will respond with clarifying questions as necessary. Once Autorepo understands the issue, it will create a checklist of tasks to complete the issue.