Marked as Seen

When Autorepo detects a new comment, it will react with the eyes emoji (👀) to confirm it has seen the comment.

“Autorepo is Thinking” Banner

Next, Autorepo will reply with an animated placeholder banner to let you know that it is in the process of responding to the issue, or to your latest comment:

Autorepo is thinking…

Autorepo Thinking

On the first issue in a new repo or after change have been made, Autorepo may also include a message before this banner letting you know that it will need to read through the code to catch up on any changes that have been made.

Autorepo will continue to update this placeholder comment with more information as it works. Once the animated “Autorepo is thinking…” banner is removed, you will know that Autorepo has completed its work, and is ready to respond to follow up comments.

When the “Autorepo is thinking…” banner is visible, Autorepo is unable to respond to new comments.

Task Comment

Autorepo may create a Task Comment if it starts working on a longer task, such as performing in-depth research or creating a plan for how to complete an issue.

Status Header

Task Comments will have a status header at the top, letting you know the progress of the task:

Task title

In Task Comments, under the Status Header is the title of the task. The title starts with an emoji to indicate the type of task:

🔬 Research Task Title

📋 Planning Task Title

🔨 Coding Task Title

  • Coming Soon

🧪 Verification Task Title

  • Coming Soon

Finally, if your account does not have a payment source connected, Autorepo will include a footer at the bottom of each comment, with a notice that the free tier of Autorepo is more prone to making mistakes: